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Customer Privacy Policy

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We are fully responsible for the protection of your personal data. Personal data (eg name, address, phone, e-mail, or bank account. Identification Number, Tax identification number, etc.) that are part of the order, or were communicated to us during your registration, are considered by us Biomee, s.r.o. as private and are protected against misuse under the laws of the Czech Republic: Act 101/2000 Coll. of 4 April 2000 on the protection of personal data and on amending certain laws, as amended by Act No. 227/2000 Coll., Act No. 177/2001 Coll., Act No. 450/2001 Coll., Act Nr.107/2002 Coll. Act No. 309/2002 Coll., Act No. 310/2002 Coll. and Act No. 517/2002Sb. By registering you voluntarily grant consent to the collection, processing and updating of your personal data.


Our security measures are at a high technical level and protect you against manipulation and interference by unauthorized persons, destruction and loss. Biomee Company, s.r.o.   uses your personal data for the purpose of technical administration of the website and customer administration. The information that we collect, is used in order for us to fulfill our commitment to you and to provide you with the services you expect. The transfer of personal data to governmental authorities ensues only in cases prescribed by mandatory laws. Our employees are bound by their discretion.


Biomee, s.r.o. does not disclose customer data to third parties, other than those directly involved in processing customer orders (mail, delivery service), and only to the extent necessary. If you want to be informed about the records of your personal information, we will dislose this information to you upon request and correct any discrepancies.


Your data may also be used to inform you about our products and events. Should you not want your personal data to be used this way, please inform us at any time and we will suppress your data accordingly. In case you would like to remove your information from our database, please contact our company Biomee s.r.o., Klentnice 157, 692 01 Mikulov, Czech Republic (or see the section „contact“)..


If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us via Email or telephone (see the section „contact“ for further details).