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Payment - Delivery - Packaging


Payment Options


You can choose between two payment methods.




PayPal-logo (Velký obrázek)








Payment through the electronic service PayPal.



2. Cash on delivery


Possibility for payment after receipt of the ordered goods to the specified address or to a branch instead of the Czech Post.

COD is only available for customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and cannot be selected for pickup in Biomee´s headquarters.




Delivery Options


We offer several shipping options.


  • Delivery: Post - standard package: Low cost postage, for deliveries of up to 10 kg, VAT is abated. Standard Parcel includes limited compensation cover.


  • Delivery: Post - business package: High quality, fast and reliable service with guaranteed delivery liability according to country of delivery. 


  • Delivery: PPL - package to abroad: Express transport of packages up to 30 kg, shipped within Europe. Package tracking on the Internet available.


  • Collection Biomee´s headquarters. Your goods can contact us directly, Biomee, sro, (address: Klentnice 157, 692 01 Klentnice) will be picked up.






The packaging of our goods is also resolved in accordance with the philosophy of our company.


  • Box: ecological cardboard 3VVL E with screen print.


  • Inner packaging: hat paper 25g.


  • Wrapping paper: recycled wrapping paper.