for the body and soul

for a sustainable behavior

for a healthy environment

for a better world

transparent and open service

know what you are buying

healthy, fair, friendly and open

against human exploitation

for employment in Europe

for the planet

simple and elegant organic fashion

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The packaging of our goods is also resolved in accordance with the philosophy of our company.


  • Box: ecological cardboard 3VVL E with screen print


  • Inner packaging: hat paper 25g


  • Wrapping paper: recycled wrapping paper


Delivery +

Delivery -

For your satisfaction, we can ensure delivery of your selected products in several ways.


  • Goods will be dispatched by post or by shipping company PPL.


  • Fees are eliminated to the minimum extent possible.


  • The carrier will contact you directly on your email or phone.



You have also the possibility to pick up your goods directly at our company Biomee, sro, Klentnice 157, 692 01 Klentnice.


We collect only the necessary information during registration . Consistently we respect the protection of personal information.

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