for the body and soul

for a sustainable behavior

for a healthy environment

for a better world

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know what you are buying

healthy, fair, friendly and open

against human exploitation

for employment in Europe

for the planet

simple and elegant organic fashion

vision and philosophy


Biomee is dedicated to designing timeless and sustainable fashion. Within our company we create simple, high quality and elegant products, which protect not only the health of our customers, but the environment as well.


For our products we choose materials, which are not chemically treated, are made in a sustainable manner and are friendly to the environment. Therefore, most of our fabrics are certified by GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard.


An important principle of sustainability, support of the local economy and environmental protection: our production takes place locally, in small and medium-sized enterprises in Southern Moravia.


Open communication with manufacturers and clients is essential to us, from the origin of materials through production, to pricing.



Therefore, do not hesitate to turn to us for information on the origin of our fabrics, threads and buttons or with any other query.




  • minimalist design

We believe in the minimalist approach to design. For us simplicity reflects timeless elegance. All biomee products are designed in that way.




  • organic materials

Our company strives to offer only GOTS / Global Organic Textile Standard / Certified Organic materials. This seal guarantees fair working and living conditions for producers and improves their living conditions. GOTS certificate also guarantees high social standards, high standards for environmental protection, transparency and accuracy of the processing line from producer to customer and the sustainability of the process.


Organic cotton has a very pleasant and healthy feeling on your skin, regulates moisture on the body surface and has great anti-allergic potential. The use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and the use of genetically modified seeds and plants is not allowed in organic production.


Cotton, obtained from cotton bushes, is the most used natural fiber in the textile production. Traditional cotton production is socially and ethically very questionable.


Organic bamboo is a natural antiseptic and has excellent absorbent qualities. It is suitable for small children and people with allergies. Fabrics made of bamboo are some of the smoothest. The fibers are produced from a bamboo mass in a similar way to the production of viscose. Bamboo fabric has a slight shine and draping and increases the absorption qualities of the material, thanks to which there is good regulation of moisture on the body surface.


Another material used is organic hemp - natural plant fiber that is extracted from the hemp plant stem / Cannabis Sativa /.


Our fabrics are delivered by Amwa Organic and Siebenblau (www.amwa.cz, www.siebenblau.de).


Buttons are delivered by Siebenblau.


Threads are delivered by Amwa Organic.




  • local production 



In order to achieve the maximum environmentally friendly production, we support small and medium sized businesses in our area.


The organic materials  are transformed into our designs by the skilled hands of craftswomen and men in South Moravia, Czech Republic. Packaged locally in our company headquarter in the small village of Klentnice in both FSC-certified and recycled paper, the clothes are then sent to you with the lowest possible CO2 footprint.




  • sustainable lifestyle

Excellent feeling in contributing through actions to improve the health of our clients and the health of our planet: these are the thoughts that propel us forward.